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G-Cloud 11 Framework Agreement Word

There are now specific clauses in the G-Cloud Framework Agreement and the Call Agreement that cover supplier requirements in accordance with the RGPD. We also advise providers to detail their information security processes and internal RGPD procedures in their service definitions. The digital marketplace buyer guide and framework agreement defines four types of criteria that you can use when evaluating suppliers in the restricted selection according to M.E.A.T: G-Cloud 12 framework agreement and call contract. G-Cloud (RM1557.12) is a framework in which cloud-based solutions are provided to vendors through a pre-end catalog called Digital Marketplace. The G-Cloud framework is where companies want to sell their cloud solutions to the UK government. The Framework was first inaugurated in 2012 and is now in its 12th iteration – G-Cloud 12. The 12th edition will be open in the summer of 2020 for vendor applications. It has come a long way since its humble beginnings, and even between G-Cloud 11 and 12, we have seen progress and positive changes in procurement with the framework. To date, there have been 12 contract calls in which providers can list their services on G-Cloud. The G-Cloud frame is not encapsulated, so if the application is compliant, an unlimited number of vendors can join the frame. Digital Marketplace has updated the list of suppliers on this agreement.

Suppliers are required to adopt their current terms and conditions. In G-Cloud 9, 50% of ZERO sales providers have non-compliant CGVs. The terms of service you provide cannot be changed as long as the frame is live. After G-Cloud 9, ccs decided to make the definition of the service an optional document. However, we have always recommended vendors owned by one, as our recent analysis of G-Cloud 9 vendors showed that 29% of suppliers without revenue had a missing service definition. It appears that the CCS agrees, as G-Cloud has mandated 12 service definitions (as well as other changes made for the 12th iteration), so that vendors must include this document in their application. A service definition is a chance for providers to explain more about the functions of their service without limiting the number of words. 27/03/2020 – Update – Due to the current COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, we are asking Regulation 72 (1) c) to extend this agreement for up to 9 months from the initial end date of July 1, 2020. This will reduce pressure on the supply chain, while it will be rare to help businesses continue to provide services and goods to customers. We intend to conclude replacement agreements as soon as possible after the first COVID 19 effect. This framework agreement exists between the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and a G-Cloud 11 provider. Find out what`s being sold on G-Cloud, what makes a good offer and even tips on how to market and sell on the frame.

Don`t just take our word for it, you can find the full breakdown of expenses on our G-Cloud sales dashboard. The Digital Marketplace and all the frames it contains are managed by Crown Commercial Service (CCS). The CSC is an executive agency and a trade fund of the British government cabinet. Its mission is to improve the government`s business and procurement activities. So if you want to gain an advantage over a competitor, then definitely let yourself be accredited! If you have more information about ISO27001 and how this affects the frame, check out our blog “G-Cloud 9 Data Security: Beyond the Lutecherdame.”

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