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Le Learning Agreement

You need to prepare a learning agreement before coming to the University of Tours to see what courses you want to take and how many ECTS credits they receive. Please note that your learning agreement is time-limited and can be modified and adapted after your arrival when you meet with your coordinator in Tours (depending on advice and time consideration). If you come as part of an Erasmus agreement, your home university will provide you with the model of the apprenticeship agreement. Ask for the deadline you must have signed it. Your learning agreement must be signed before you arrive at the University of Tours. This apprenticeship agreement must be signed by you, your coordinator of your home university and your pedagogical coordinator in Tours. The contact information will be provided to you as soon as your pre-registration documents have been received and verified by the International Relations Department. From that date, you should contact the coordinator to check and sign the “Before Mobility / Mobility” part of your learning agreement. The Learning Agreement should include all the learning outcomes the student is expected to acquire during the exchange. 1. Online pre-registration (Mobility Online) 2.

Accommodation 3. Visa 4. Learning agreement: Utility model 5. Course selection (course catalogue, politics and international relations, supervised projects) 6. The deepening of the French language (CUEFEE/CRL) 7. Calendar and calendar 8. Administration 9. Integration (sponsorship, ESN, It`s my turn) 10. Cultural and sporting offers The Learning Agreement sets out the program of the studies or the traineeship to be followed abroad and must be approved by the student, the sending and the receiving institution, organization or enterprise before the start of the exchange. The pedagogical contract must indicate all the learning gains that the student must receive during the exchange. The three signatory countries undertake to respect all agreed terms and conditions and to recognize studies or internships carried out abroad without imposing additional requirements. For student mobility for studies, the Learning Agreement should set out the group of educational components that will be replaced in the student`s degree upon successful completion of the study program abroad.

See the guidelines below. With regard to mobility to internships, the pedagogical contract must define how the internship is recognised, depending on what applies to the student`s diploma, a voluntary internship (not compulsory for the diploma) or an internship carried out by a young graduate. See the guidelines below. For student mobility for traineeships, the Learning Agreement should set out how the traineeship will be recognized depending on whether it counts towards the student`s degree, is taken on a voluntary basis (not obligatory for the degree) or is being carried out by a recent graduate.

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