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Washington Agreement Serbia Kosovo Text

“What we wanted to do with this agreement was to create some air to breathe,” National Security Adviser Robert C. O`Brien told reporters. Serbian President Aleksandar Vuéié and Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti pledged to normalize economic relations on 4 September and signed an agreement in the presence of US President Donald Trump in Washington. However, issues such as what was signed, the consequences of this agreement for Belgrade and Pristina, and the future of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, which is taking place in Brussels, have not been resolved. As part of the agreements, Serbia and Kosovo have agreed to join the schengen mini-zone. [11] Serbian President Aleksandar Vuié`s speech at the opening of the International Development Financial Corporation (DFC) office in Belgrade illustrates the importance of the agreement signed in Washington and the beginning of a new era of political and economic relations between Serbia and the United States. “This is an important day for us. We have already ended our trade relations with the United States in 1881 and since then we have not had such an important agreement,” Vuéié said, adding: “Serbia will respect the obligations under the agreement signed in Washington on September 4, 2020. Wherever Americans want to invest, the U.S. Development Agency is there, and things are happening.

We are proud that the CFL is opening its office here and that it has the full support of the Republic of Serbia. Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali, who was part of the delegation in Washington, said the agreement on normalization of economic relations with Pristina was “a great success in the negotiations” and would help accelerate the integration and economic development of the entire region. During participation in the negotiations with the United States on economic issues, Kosovo and Serbia continued to participate in a parallel dialogue led by the European Union, focusing on political differences between the two sides. [10] However, some public reactions to these more serious accusations have been of concern, including attempts to challenge the legitimacy of the specialized chambers and allegations that they are politically motivated. Specialized chambers and the bar are an integral part of Kosovo`s judicial system, with mandates that are essential for the rule of law in that country and its future. With a narrow majority, Mr. Hoti`s government faces strong parliamentary resistance and widely divergent priorities among coalition partners. After just over 100 days in power, constant disagreements between the constituent parties and difficulties in reaching compromises have hampered and delayed their responses in critical areas.

Most Western nations have recognized Kosovo`s independence. Serbia is backed by its allies, Russia and China, if it refuses to do so. Friday`s agreement provides for a one-year freeze on the issue of recognition in the US-led dialogue, but a European dialogue continues. There are several clauses of the agreement that have absolutely nothing to do with the normalization of economic relations between Kosovo and Serbia, and therefore ridiculously included.

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