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Druk Air Interline Agreement

“Please note that from the current update, Drukair has only interline agreements with Thai Airways (TG) and Asiana Airlines (OZ) and we can only guarantee a direct baggage transfer for these airlines. . If passengers have difficulty flying the stairs to the aircraft and a high elevator is required, please inform our office at least 24 hours in advance so that the elevator is ordered on time. Please note that in the event of a high elevator, a $300 sGD fee must be paid by passengers. . Baggage allowances on international flights are as follows: If, according to the changed transit procedure, it is correctly correct: . Transfer of luggage in transit to Drukair We fly from Bangkok to Paro. Do airline agents regularly weigh carry-on baggage? What happens if a passenger exceeds the one or two pound limit? Below is the over-baggage charge for flights from Singapore. <> compressed gases – (cold, flammable, non-flammable and toxic) such as butane, oxygen, liquid nitrogen, aqualung, Changi airport operate the transfer service I will ask them directly by email and ask for the state of Druk Air and the transfer switch (permanent or limited) .

This issue has been closed to new positions due to inactivity. We hope you will join the conversation by posting on an open topic or launching a new topic. To check Drukair`s current departure date, please visit Changi Airport Passenger Information. . 1/ After landing in THE SIN, immigration arrives, but approach the D-transfer point in Ter. 1: Passengers on other flights to Drukair can pick up check-in staff at their original airport for a straight day if possible. If your original airline cannot do so, passengers must pick up your baggage from the conveyor belt and check them in at Terminal 1, Line 9. In this scenario, it is advisable to allow yourself to connect for at least 3 hours. Please note that the amount of free baggage for business class is 40 kg and 30 kg for economy class. What happens if it`s MAS or SIA in Changi and it arrives at the transfer switch? Druk`s budget isn`t it? I`ve read it over and over again, there`s no problem when its full service full service.

The following items can be transported free of charge beyond the amount of luggage. Please note that all over-baggage fees must be paid in cash at Drukair check-in desks at Terminal 1, Row 9, Changi Airport Singapore. Passengers in transit should ensure that they have sufficient connecting time to commute between terminals.

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