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Contract Agreement In Italian

A part-time contract must be drawn up in writing and working hours must be defined (e.g. in Italy.B, every employee must have an employment contract (“contratto di lavoro”). In the event of termination of the mediation contract, the agent is entitled, in addition to the notice periods, if not for an immeasurable reason, to compensation for the termination of the contract, as provided for in Article 1751 of the Italian Civil Code or in collective bargaining by three indemnities: FIRR, additional compensation for customers and meritocratic compensation, the sum from which 3 allowances are paid by Article 1751(3) of the Italian Treaty. 1998, the Committee on Employment Rights and the Protection of Rights of the Eastern Rule of Law. Article 1751 of the Italian Civil Code provides that in the event of termination of the agency contract, the agent is entitled to as much compensation as possible: given the existence of a large number of ANA and their extensive use by employers, employment contracts in Italy normally consist of simple letters of recruitment relating to the points prescribed by law, in particular: the identity of the parties, the place of work, the date of commencement of employment, the probation period (if any), the duration of employment (in the case of temporary employment) and registration, the obligations of the worker) and the provisions of the competent national competition authorities. There are also a few types of contracts (for example. B.part time) which must be concluded in writing. Italian legislation provides for a very complex compensation regime in the event of termination of agency contracts. Employment contracts regulate the main aspects of the employment relationship between the employer and the worker, including the professional title, salary, responsibilities and obligations, the right to sick pay and leave, as well as the probation and notice periods in force.

The Italian agency contract is governed by Articles 1742 et seq. of the Italian Civil Code as well as by the collective agreement signed with the trade unions (where applicable, the AECs only apply if the parties expressly agree on its application in the agency contract or refer to it in the management of its relationship). . . .

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