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How To Accept International Selling Agreement On Ebay

By adjusting the duration of your return policy, you help international buyers feel more secure in their purchasing decisions and benefit from increased seller protection. You cannot sign the international agreement on Turbo Lister. Launch an offer with the ebay SYI form and if you select Porto International, the agreement should be displayed for you to sign. Once this offer is completed and downloaded, perform a TL update and you should be in order. Advanced international sellers can also tailor prices to any market so you can set and maintain competitive prices in multiple countries. Product offers are also displayed in standard search results for a given country`s eBay site. This way, you can identify the best countries that match your business and products, and increase your chances of international sales and success right from the start. pages.ebay.co.uk/useragreement/globalCBT/globalCBTAgreement.html The first time you sell internationally, eBay prompts you to accept the international sales agreement. This includes information about payments and money-back guarantees for your customers. Some other policies that may affect your international sale are: If a transaction occurs and eBay favors the buyer, the International Selling Policy allows eBay (or an eBay partner) to cancel the credit on your PayPal account and refund the buyer.

Do they have international sales potential? Is there a particular country that suits your product lines? eBay uses seller performance standards to highlight marketplace sellers who offer excellent service. If you sell on international eBay sites, you can become a high-rated seller based on your transactions with buyers in the countries where you sell. You must agree to these terms and conditions before selling items on eBay websites other than your eBay registration site and/or selling items with an international shipping option (e.g.B. global shipping). AUTOMATIC PAYMENT METHOD. eBay may require that you have registered an automatic payment method on your eBay registration page. If your PayPal account is not sufficient and you have PayPal on your eBay registration page or if you have specified another payment method as an automatic payment method, you authorize eBay or an eBay partner designated by eBay to charge your automatic payment method (and, if PayPal is your automatic payment method, any payment methods or funding sources related to your account PayPal) for all amounts, which paid eBay to your account. Buyer for claims that have been resolved against you under an eBay Buyer Protection Policy, subject to the terms of the billing agreement that governs the use of your automatic payment method….

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